Vinum Hotels South Tyrol – holidays in the name of wine

Our wine hotel Plattenhof in Termeno/Tramin

South Tyrol is the land of diversity. It is the land of majestic mountains and deep valleys. The land of Alpine natural landscapes and the Mediterranean way of life and the land of culinary delights and fine wines. South Tyrol stands for experiences in nature, for pure delight, and great holidays. What could be better than bringing all this together in one place? This is exactly the mission of the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol association.

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol consists of our Hotel Plattenhof and 28 other hotel members. Each of these wine hotels has 3 to 5 stars, is located in one of the 7 South Tyrolean wine-growing regions of the country, and is lovingly managed by passionate wine-savvy hosts. As excellent ambassadors of South Tyrolean wine, they offer guests a truly unique wine experience and a varied programme that provides an exciting insight into the South Tyrolean wine culture.

Our Hotel Plattenhof is of course no exception – wine also plays a leading role at our holiday home in Termeno/Tramin. Here, on the Wine Route in South Tyrol, you can expect enjoyable wine tastings in the adjoining winery, informative guided tours of the winery, and countless other wine highlights.

During your stay at Plattenhof, in the heart of the picturesque Gewürztraminer vineyards, you will receive the exclusive Winepass for free use of all public transport in South Tyrol, admission to around 90 museums, and many other advantages – starting in 2019.

Are fine wines your passion? As a member of Vinum Hotels South Tyrol, Hotel Plattenhof is the top destination for your enjoyable break from everyday life!