The queen of South Tyrolean white wines

The fragrant Gewürztraminer

It is a white wine that is produced with gold-reddish grapes. It is a South Tyrolean product that is exported in the whole world. It is an explosion of flavours that is concentrated in a noble drop. It is our Gewürztraminer that we are really proud of.

The Gewürztraminer, which we lovingly call Queen of white wines, is one of the indigenous grape varieties of South Tyrol and thus deeply rooted in the region’s tradition and history. The name reveals that the fragrant white wine comes from Tramin and it is supposed that it was already grown by the Romans in this area.

During wine tastings with your host Werner Dissertori, you’ll learn interesting facts about our own wine, about the South Tyrolean wine culture, and about the intensive aroma of the queen of white wines – including a degustation, of course.

How to serve:

The Gewürztraminer goes perfectly with fish and crustaceans, spicy appetizers, and Asian dishes, but is also an excellent aperitif and dessert wine. An all-rounder!

The Gewürztraminer from our winery can be purchased at our hotel. The perfect souvenir or gift to take home with you.