Wine tasting at the Hotel Plattenhof in Termeno/Tramin

Gewürztraminer from all over the world

The engaging aroma of the Gewürztraminer delights wine enthusiasts from all over the world. At our weekly wine tasting at the Hotel Plattenhof in Termeno/Tramin and at the winery Plattenhof, you’ll learn everything about the particularly coloured grape, the cultivation, the production of our award-winning Gewürztraminer, and last but not least about the flavour of the queen of white wines. Just the thought of this wine sends your host Werner Dissertori, who’ll guide you through the tasting, into raptures. And who can blame him? Roses, lychee, marzipan, and cloves create the aroma, a slightly sweet after taste follows the initially substantial note. Just try the Gewürztraminer yourself!

We invite you every week to our “Gewürztraminer from all over the world” tasting with visit of our wine cellar. The wine tasting takes place at the hotel in Termeno/Tramin or at the nearby Plattenhof winery. Please book your wine tasting at the reception.