Wellness in Termeno/Tramin, surrounded by vineyards

Wellness in Termeno/Tramin is a natural experience for body, mind, and soul. Hardly any other place would be better suited for relaxing moments than the dream landscape of South Tyrol’s south, which will be right in front of your eyes in the wellness area of our hotels in Termeno/Tramin. Nothing but vineyards, the picturesque hill and mountain landscape, and in between Lake Caldaro. The area exudes captivating tranquility while at the same time seeming to give new vitality. Wellness in Termeno/Tramin is always accompanied by panoramic views, by naturalness, and the feeling of being at home. Take a dip in the pool with a view, immerse yourself in the bubbling water of the whirlpool, or lean back and relax in the sauna area. May your wellness break in Termeno/Tramin begin!

For wellness in Termeno/Tramin, we are at your disposal

During your holiday in South Tyrol’s south, a light-filled wellness world for every kind of wellness in Termeno/Tramin awaits you.

  • Year-round heated panoramic outdoor pool with natural self-cleaning filter system
  • Sauna world with Turkish steam bath, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, and sauna garden
  • Experience showers for special moments of well-being
  • Whirlpool, to solve tension
  • Relaxation areas and lounge in wine cellar look
  • Tea corner 
  • Spacious garden with view on Lake Caldaro as well as sun loungers, parasols, and quiet corners
  • Absolute highlight: the views!

Unique natural pool in South Tyrol’s south

There are many things that make wellness in South Tyrol’s south something special. One of them is our panoramic outdoor pool. The pool is equipped with a natural self-cleaning filter system, which in South Tyrol, so far, only exists at the Hotel Plattenhof. Although it was artificially created, it does deserve to be called a “natural pool”, because the use of chemicals is largely not required. Apart from this fact, the year-round heated pool has many other highlights: It is nestled in a unique natural landscape and offers a splendid view on the vines of the Gewürztraminer, which we are particularly proud of, and on Lake Caldaro. You’ll certainly agree with us when we say: wellness in Termeno/Tramin is unique!

For all-around wellness in South Tyrol’s south: a trip to the sauna

Anyone who has ever taken a sauna will definitely want to go back again and again. What pushes us is the wonderful feeling we get after a sauna session – we almost feel like we have been born again. But what is the right way to have a sauna? How can you achieve the highest level of well-being during your wellness holiday in Termeno/Tramin? Well, there are a few simple tips that will make your sauna session an all-around relaxing experience. First things first: listen to your body during your wellness sessions in Termeno/Tramin. It will tell you exactly what is good for you and when you should end your sauna session.

What enhances your well-being?

  • Take a shower before each sauna visit to remove the oily film from your skin and help your pores to open during the session. Dry carefully before entering the sauna to increase your ability to sweat.
  • Enjoy the sauna session and wellness in Termeno/Tramin – lean back, close your eyes, let your mind wander …
  • A sauna bath takes between 8 and 12 minutes. Stay as long as you feel comfortable, but not more than 15 minutes. For sauna infusions, you should sweat for a few minutes beforehand and continue sweating after the infusion.
  • Take a cold shower after each sauna session and get fresh air outside. The hot and cold bath has a health promoting effect and boosts the immune system.
  • Take a break after each sauna session.
  • You can repeat the process several times, but do not forget the breaks in between. It is best to drink at the end of your wellness ritual in Termeno/Tramin, and then especially mineral-rich beverages or fruit juices.